Knight Pneumatic Rotary Union

Knight’s Rotary Unions (patent pending) are designed for industrial automation equipment applications. Their primary function is to prevent airlines, electrical cables and SDS chains from winding or tangling up during operation which can greatly reduce downtime as well as any potential equipment damage.

The BPA2001 and BPA2002 Pneumatic Rotary Unions are used with Knight’s chain Air Balancers. They each have up to (7) pneumatic

Air Connection with Balancer Logic Box

Coiled or straight hose management kit controls connection to balancer logic box.

Air Connection with Balancer Mainfold

Coiled or straight hose management kit connection to balancer air bracket.

Feather-Touch Balancer Control

The BCS2213 and BCS2214 Feather-Touch Air Balancer Control handle is typically used for lightweight applications. This control handle is activated by an up or down movement of the control handle. Knight’s Feather-Touch Control handles are available in a Horizontal handle (BCS2213) or Vertical handle (BCS2214) with standard hose lengths of up to 10 ft. (Straight Hose only).

Dual Balancer Control

The BCS2215 and BCS2323 Dual Air Balance Control unit will support (2) different weights at Zero Gravity. For Lift Assist Devices (LAD) the first weight category is the unloaded assist with no part engaged. The second weight category is the assist with the part secured that it is intended to lift/move.
The weight of the part cannot vary more than +/- 2.5

Single Balancer Control Module

Balances a single object without requiring the need for a separate pendant control. It allows for a hands free operation while supporting a constant weight at zero gravity. The BCS2018 is ideal for fastening tools and recommended to be used for applications not to exceed 150 lbs. (end effector and part).

High Relieving Single Balancer Control Modules

The BCS2090 & BCS2322 High Relieving Single Balancer Control Module are most commonly used for near capacity or heavy weight applications to eliminate the need for a separate pendant and allows for the operator to more efficiently control the balance mode of a heavier part such as a setting fixture.

Tandem Up/Down Pendant Control

The Tandem Up/Down Pendant Control is most commonly used to control Tandem Pneumatic/Air Balancers, Knight Global Up/ Down Pendant Control handles. Available in a coiled (BCS2326) or straight (BCS3330) hose that comes in standard lengths up to 10 ft. .

Up/Down Pendant Control & Manifold Kit

The BCS3017 & BCS3320 Up/Down Pendant Controls are standard control handles with variable speed control for loading and unloading varying weights.

Includes a manifold kit.

BCS3017: Straight Hose
BCS3320: Coiled Hose