Feather-Touch Balancer Control

The BCS2213 and BCS2214 Feather-Touch Air Balancer Control handle is typically used for lightweight applications. This control handle is activated by an up or down movement of the control handle. Knight’s Feather-Touch Control handles are available in a Horizontal handle (BCS2213) or Vertical handle (BCS2214) with standard hose lengths of up to 10 ft. [3m] (Straight Hose only).

part number

BCS2213 & BCS2214


  • Eliminates the need for a separate pendant.
  • Allows the operator to control the up and down movements close to the part.
  • Horizontal handle (BCS2213)
  • Vertical handle (BCS2214)

max capacity

100 lbs. [45kg] at 80 psi


12.4 lbs. [5.64kg].


10 ft. [3m]

hose type

Straight Hose Only


Horizontal or Vertical