MRHS40382 Spec Sheet

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Jib Boom Disc Brake

The MJBA2310 Jib Boom Disc Brake is used as a parking break and also limits rotation of the jib boom. It is used with Knight’s MJBA2300 or MJBA2600 Jib Cranes.

Controls for the Jib Boom Disc Brake are not included.


April, 2021 – Knight has expanded their space into a second building! With the ever-growing reputation for expertise and reliability Knight has to offer in the material handling industry, a second building was needed to accommodate for widening departments, new employees and shelving space. This expansion brings Knight’s total floor space to 227,000 square feet!

The new building is located directly next door to

2-Button Lever Style Analog Remote Handle

The KCA1119 2-Button Lever Style Analog Remote Control Handle is an optional handle for Knight’s Speed Hoist. It has UP/DOWN thumb levers to control movement and speed of the hoist. This handle provides the user with the ability to easily control movement using programmable variable speed levers.

An ethernet port on the handle allows for the use of the Knight Servo Studio software. With