Tandem Up/Down Pendant Control

The Tandem Up/Down Pendant Control is most commonly used to control Tandem Pneumatic/Air Balancers, Knight Global Up/ Down Pendant Control handles. Available in a coiled (BCS2326) or straight (BCS3330) hose that comes in standard lengths up to 10 ft. [3m].

part number

BCS2326 & BCS3330


  • (1) BPA9050B Pneumatic Block.
  • 2-way valves used for a single acting air balancer or lift assist that is used for up/ down movement.
  • Ergonomic Handle Grip.
  • Thumb Lever Guards to protect for inadvertent depressing of control levers.

handle type



10 ft. [3m]

hose type

BCS3330: Straight
BCS2326: Coiled


(2) Button