Knight Pneumatic Rotary Union

Knight’s Rotary Unions (patent pending) are designed for industrial automation equipment applications. Their primary function is to prevent airlines, electrical cables and SDS chains from winding or tangling up during operation which can greatly reduce downtime as well as any potential equipment damage.

The BPA2001 and BPA2002 Pneumatic Rotary Unions are used with Knight’s chain Air Balancers. They each have up to (7) pneumatic passages (1/8″ NPT ports) to accommodate a variety of function commands (i.e. Common, Clamp, Unclamp, Rotate, Tilt, Start, etc.).

The BPA2001 includes a 5mm chain nest, and the BPA2002 includes a 1.25 dia. #5 Pad Eye for the attachment of chains.

The Pneumatic Rotary Unions can support capacities up to 1000 lbs. (454kg).

Note: Applications that use the standard “feather-able” style Up/Down Controls Pendant will require the use of (4) of the ports to allow for sufficient volume of air. Due to the limitations on the number of available ports, pneumatic logic will need to be located below the Rotary Union on the end effector rather than in an enclosure at the Balancer.

part number

BPA2001 / BPA2002


  • Can prevent airlines and SDS chains from winding or tangling up which greatly minimizes downtime and equipment damage.
  • Capacities up to 1000lbs. [454kg]
  • Sealed packaging to protect wiring, slip ring and rotate assembly.
  • (7) Pneumatic Ports 1/8G pipes capable of 1 Mpa Positive Pressure and Vacuum Pressure of -1.5kPa
  • Includes KSAA1004 Shackle.
  • Pad Eye or Chain Nest options for chain attachment.

max capacity

1000 lbs. [454kg]