Lift Assists

Knight specializes in custom lift assists and lifting devices for all ergonomic situations. Our design-and-build department works in unison with our customers to create custom tools and system layouts which conform to the specifications of each individual facility. We also create tools and adjust existing technology to fit the needs of our manufacturing clients.

End Effectors


Experience Thousands of Our Designed and Built End Effectors 

Knight designs and builds an assortment of custom End Effectors to fit any application. We’ll assist you on choosing the correct end effector that is best suited for your application. We will create a detailed analysis of your material handling needs; which is the most important step in being able to suit you with the correct assist device.

Clamp End Effector


Hook End Effector


Magnet End Effector


Nest End Effector


Vacuum End Effector


Ergo Seat System


Glide Into Position With Ease

Knight Global’s Ergo Seat System is a manually operated overhead mounted mobile workstation that assists an operator in maintaining an ergonomic position while performing various tasks in a demanding manufacturing or maintenance environment. The Ergo Seat allows the operator to remain in a seated position and move effortlessly to and from each workstation or difficult to access work areas while meeting work demands efficiently.

ergo seat

ergo seat1

ergo seat2

Ergo Positioner


Ergo Positioner

The Ergo Positioner is a pneumatically operated pivot locking workstation that allows a part to be adjusted to the operator’s comfort level. It can pivot into any position and lock. Its ability for unlimited 3-axis movement reduces operator strain and improves productivity. Part mounting plates can be easily exchanged out to work with various parts.