Knight Pneumatic, Electric and Servo Tractors are designed primarily to help an operator push, pull, lift and position a load that is suspended from a trolley on an overhead rail system. They accurately locate and move loads in the “X” and “Y” directions with precision and reliability while significantly reducing the push pull forces as well as the energy to sustain movements.

Air Tractors


Pneumatic Tractors tra1500Mini Air Tractor/Air Tractor

Knight Global Mini Air Tractors and Air Tractor Series tows fixtures, bridges and heavier loads from one location to another with ease. These Tractors are typically used to assist an operator in pushing, pulling and the positioning of loads. Knight Mini Air Tractors and Air Tractor Series can be integrated with a pneumatic fixture to allow for multiple configurations.



Pneumatic Tractors tra5000Lube-Free Air Tractor

Knight’s Lube-Free Air Tractor Series is equipped with all the same benefits as the Mini Air Tractor and Air Tractor Series but with the benefit of running a Lube-Free Motor. The Lube-Free motor requires less maintenance and has a longer expected service life cycle.

Electric Tractors


vfd_series electric tractorsElectric Tractor Series

Knight Global’s Electric Tractor Series is equipped with a VFD Tractor Drive which provides operators with complete control while transferring or locating loads. Knight offers several different models depending on the type of Knight Rail System you are using. The Knight E-Tractor can also be configured to run on different manufactures workstation crane systems.


Servo Tractors


servo tractor seriesServo Hoist Tractor “X”, “Y” with “Z” Control Series

Knight Global’s Servo Hoist Tractor Systems are Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) developed and manufactured to make lifting and the moving of product easier and smarter. Traditional hoists and tractors have operators pushing buttons to actuate a lift. Knight’s Servo Hoist Tractors will enable an operator to simply grasp the handle to lift and move the load; no pushing of buttons is required. This is accomplished through a load sensing motion that is virtually invisible to the operator. The benefit of this Servo Technology is to increase productivity and ergonomics by eliminating wasted motions and lagging reaction time.

servo tractor seriesServo Rack and Pinion Tractor

The Knight Rack and Pinion Tractor utilizes absolute positioning techniques to allow the system to always be engaged, and never lose positioning even when power is cycled. This is a robust and accurate approach to the powered gantry system. All speeds, accelerations and decelerations are programmable, along with virtual paths, positions and limits that can be set up to any of your application requirements.