All-Electric "Power and Free" VFD Tractor

October 2022- Knight has designed and added a new All-Electric “Power and Free” VFD tractor (Variable Frequency Drive) to their growing family of products. VFD tractors offer innovative solutions to the way heavy loads are moved in manufacturing environments. This new “power and free” VFD tractor offers additional benefits with it’s all-electric style and programmability features.

In addition, when paired with Knight’s patented

New Knight Rotary Union - Electric / Pneumatic

September 2022 – Knight Global has designed a family of Rotary Unions (patent pending) to accommodate for the rigorous demands often encountered with industrial automation equipment. These Rotary Unions can prevent winding or tangling up of electrical cables, wires, air lines and SDS chains. This greatly reduces the chances of equipment damage and its associated downtime.


New Products Featuring Patent Pending ERail

May 2022 – Knight Global will be releasing products that have been greatly improved by their patent pending ERail. These include an ERail Jib Crane and a Cantilevered ERail System.

Knight’s ERail supplies power to servo hoists and other electrical tools. When combined with a jib crane or a cantilevered rail system, the result is a a more streamlined process, eliminating hanging


March 2022 – Knight adds a new version if their hoist to the line up, the 100 lbs capacity Speed Hoist! This hoist is smaller than the traditional Speed Hoist, with the same programmable speeds and limits. Its modular design allows for easy maintenance and comes with a 2-year warranty. Click here for more info!

Control Handle Labels Redesigned

August 2021 – Knight’s Control Handle Labels have been redesigned for a more ergonomically friendly presentation. Previously, levers were engraved with their intended function labels, and over time the markings could fade with extended use. The labels are now more readable with a tag directly over the lever.

This design is being implemented in all new systems at Knight. Click here to see

Launch of Dual Drum "SDS" Pneumatic Balancer

March 2021 – Knight has designed a “Dual Drum” Air Balancer with the patented Safety Drop Stop “SDS” dual chain feature (Patent #:10,464,787). This is a safety feature that prevents a catastrophic fall in the event of a chain failure, with the secondary chain “catching” the load.

This type of Pneumatic Balancer is typically used in applications that require the manipulation of an unwieldy

Graphite Lubrication Stick

January 2021 – Knight has introduced a new feature to their chain Hoists!

The graphite lubrication stick is a “drop-in” stick inside of the gear tower of a hoist. It lubricates the 2 chains as the hoist cycles, which will promote longer chain life.

This amazing feature is now included in all of Knight’s chain Hoists!

For more information, please contact a


November 2020 –  Knight is introducing the latest edition to their extensive hoist family, the SDS SPEED HOIST!

This electric hoist contains many of the same features as the D-Series Servo Hoist introduced in 2019, including the “safety drop stop” system. It utilizes a simpler analog handle with an UP/DOWN thumb switch, ensuring that the hoist can be operated with minimal training. The


September 2019 – Knight’s ERail (Patent Pending) Electrified Rail Systems are a complete power supply suspension system that can be used in combination with Knight Servo Systems, VFD tractors, power tools, and other electrical devices.

The ERAD Series is a fully enclosed electrical system that eliminates the stack-up of runway festooning. The power travels through a conductor power rail (ERail), mounted on top of


March 2019 – Knight Global develops a dynamic lower cost “D-Series” Servo Hoist. This hoist has all of the same programmable capabilities as the current Servo Hoist systems, minus I/O. This new version of the servo hoist allows Knight Global to be more competitive with the lower end Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD’s) in the industry without sacrificing safety or intelligence features. Click here