Extension Servo Arms

Knight KSHEA Overhead Carriage Mounted and KSHAEA Floor Mounted Extension Servo Arms are Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) that enable an operator to reach outside the area directly below a rail system and to precisely locate or float loads in the “Z” direction (vertical axis) with speed and reliability. The extension servo arms allow for a non-linear overhead varied reach within a work cell or station.

Knight’s Servo Hoist technology becomes an extension of an operator’s natural movements and greatly improves accuracy, responsiveness and repeatability; which increases overall safety, productivity and quality. The inherent benefits include: eliminating wasted motions, reduced reaction times, and minimal effects of inertia with heavy loads.

Product does not come as shown. Overhead carriage sold separately. Contact a Knight representative for more information.

Overhead Carriage Mounted Extension Servo Arm Series Model Numbers:
KSHEA250S-2401, KSHEA350S-2401, KSHEA500S-2401, & KSHEA750S-2401

Floor Mounted Extension Servo Arm Series Model Numbers:
KSHAEA250S-2401, KSHAEA350S-2401 & KSHAEA500S-2401

To see examples of custom Servo applications designed by Knight, visit our Gallery.

General Information



  • Speeds: Up to 241 ft. per min. [74mpm].
  • Floor Mounted Pedestal Heights: 8 ft. [2.4m] – 10 ft. [3.0m].
  • Safety Rating of 125%.
  • Fail-Safe Brake.
  • Redundant chain design for safe operation:
    • Load Chain: Supports the load.
    • Safety Chain: Travels with the load chain for safety and redundancy.
  • Chain Length, Unlimited (18 ft. Standard).
  • Sealed Worm Style Gearbox.
  • H5 Rated (Continuous Duty Cycle).


  • Programming and Diagnostic Communication Ports.
  • Virtual Travel Limits.
  • Speed Reduction Zones.
  • Impact Limiting.
  • Active Dampening.
  • Knight’s Unique “Float” Mode.
  • Programmable Overload Capability.


  • Industry Standard 24 VDC, 2 AMP power is available for custom tooling such as: Clamps, Vacuum Cups, Switches, Proximity Limits, Lights, etc.
  • 240 VAC, Single Phase 50/60 Hz.
  • Load Sensing, Pay Load and Handle Load.
  • I/O Capabilities:
    • (4) Analog Inputs/ (4) Analog Outputs
    • (24) Inputs or Outputs, configurable
    • (8) Dedicated Inputs
    • Expansion I/O: Ethernet, Unlimited.
  • LED Status Indicators, Green and Blue Lighted Push buttons.
  • LED Fault Indicators, Illuminated Red Run-Stop Button, Twist to Release.
  • Optional: Remote Pendant or Wireless Remote Control.

Extension Servo Arms Specifications


Overhead Carriage Mounted Extension Servo Arm Series

Model Number Capacity lbs. [kg] Max. Speed [fpm/mpm] Voltage / Phase
KSHEA250S-2401 250 lbs. [113kg] 196.85 fpm. [60.0mpm] 240 / 1 Phase
KSHEA350S-2401 350 lbs. [158kg] 241.00 fpm. [73.5mpm] 240 / 1 Phase
KSHEA500S-2401 500 lbs. [226kg] 98.43 fpm. [30.0mpm] 240 / 1 Phase
KSHEA750S-2401 750 lbs. [340kg] 123.03 fpm. [37.5mpm] 240 / 1 Phase

Floor Mounted Extension Servo Arm Series

Model Number Capacity lbs. [kg] Max. Speed [fpm/mpm] Voltage / Phase
KSHAEA250S-2401 250 lbs. [113kg] 196.85 fpm. [60.0mpm] 240 / 1 Phase
KSHAEA350S-2401 350 lbs. [158kg] 241.00 fpm. [73.5mpm] 240 / 1 Phase
KSHAEA500S-2401 500 lbs. [226kg] 98.43 fpm. [30.0mpm] 240 / 1 Phase



KSHAEA Floor Mounted Extension Servo Arm

When Selecting a Knight Servo Control System there are many factors to determine before selecting the appropriate configuration. To assist in determining the correct configuration for your application you will need to Print, Fill-out and Submit the configuration sheet below to Knight’s Estimating Department. If you need any assistance or need more information, Contact our Servo Department.

Determining your Application Process

  1. System configuration – The KSHAEA Series comes as a complete system with the option of an inline handle or a remote handle. One or the other comes with the system, not both.
  2. Lifting Capacity – Include your fixture, and part weight when determining a size.
  3. System Style – Patented Safety Drop Stop Chain.
  4. Coil Cable Length:
    • Rail height – Know your hang point, from the bottom of the rail to the load hang point on a servo can be as tall as 4 ft., depending on your system configuration.
    • Determine your pick-up and drop-off heights, this is very important and can affect your stack-up and rail height.
    • Use the application drawing to determine your stack up.
    • Choose your coil cable.
  5. Trolley – determine your hang point (this can not be a single point) and choose your trolley. If you have a trolley already, an EBD1127 adaptor plate will be provided at no extra charge.
  6. Hoist Control Set-up – Determine how your going to control your up/ down movement, and which configuration best fits the application; keeping the following in mind.
    • Choosing the Inline Handle:
      • Can the operator reach the handle in the upmost position?
      • Will the operator be safe using the inline handle with being so close to the load?
    • Can the operator always reach the run-stop button?
    • Be sure you identify the any additional cables when choosing your configuration.
      • The LMM to the OCI
      • The fixture handle to the OCI
  7. Plant Power – Servo systems operate on 240VAC 1phase. If the plant that this is being installed in only has 480VAC, you will need to order one of our 480VAC/ 240VAC transformer disconnect options.



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