D-Series Servo Hoist

Knight Global’s new D-Series Servo Hoist comes equipped with all the features of the patented “Safety Drop Stop” Servo Hoist recently launched in 2017, minus the I/O for an significantly reduced cost.

Introducing a dynamic servo hoist solution that is the safest, most intelligent and now, the most economical hoist in the world.

This new dynamic servo hoist is equipped with all the same programming features and benefits as the current servo hoist systems, minus any I/O. This new version of the servo hoist allows Knight Global to be more competitive with the lower end Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD’s) in the industry without sacrificing safety or intelligent features.

The D-Series Servo Hoist requires the use of the KLCA1030 Inline Control Handle.

General Information



  • Redundant chain design for safe operation:
    • Load Chain: Carries the load.
    • Safety Chain: Rides along for redundancy and safety.
  • Speeds: Up to 241 ft. per min. [60mpm].
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: Up to 150 lbs. [68kg]
  • Safety Rating of 125%.
  • Motor-Holding Brake.
  • Knight’s Patented Chains, for longer life.
  • Knight’s redundant chain guides.
  • Two buckets to keep chains separated.
  • Chain Length, Unlimited (12-18 ft. Standard).
  • Sealed Worm Style Gearbox.
  • H5 Rated (Continuous Duty Cycle).
  • CE.


  • STO – Safe Torque Off.
  • Enhanced User Interface (UI).
  • Ethernet Connection.
  • Programming and Diagnostic Communication Port.
  • Virtual Travel Limits.
  • Speed Reduction Zones.
  • Impact Limiting.
  • Active Dampening.
  • Knight’s Unique “Float” Mode.
  • Programmable Overload Capability.


  • 4.0 Industry Compliant.
  • Illuminated Run-Stop Button.
  • Enable trigger, for quicker response.
  • 240 VAC, Single Phase 50/60 Hz.
  • Load Sensing, Pay Load and Handle Load.
  • LED Status Indicators: Green and Blue Lighted Push buttons.
  • LED Fault Indicators: Illuminated Red Run-Stop Button, Twist to Release.

D-Series Servo Hoist Specifications


D-Series Servo Hoist Series

Model Number Capacity lbs. [kg] Max. Speed fpm. [mpm] Voltage / Phase
KSH150S-2401-005 150 lbs. [68kg] 241 fpm. [60mpm] 240 / 1 Phase