Inline Control Handle with Trigger (D-Series)

The KLCA1030 is a programmable load sensing handle that mounts in line with the chain on Knight’s D-Series Servo Hoist System. The KLCA1030 incorporates Knight’s latest designed and patented load cells that have an integral amplifier for noise immunity. For connecting devices below the handle grip, an improved clevis mount with cross pinning eliminates the need for threaded rod. Most operators find that the inline handle offers an inherent intuitive motion.

The KLCA1030 actuation trigger prevents the system from any unintentional movement. This ensures that the operator has to depress the trigger to initiate any up or down movement. The trigger has a feather touch, so it requires very little force to actuate. Knight’s new servo software code for the trigger enables the handle’s speed to change direction faster, requiring less force to move it up and down. Also, the KLCA1030 is smaller in size and weight, which creates a more ergonomic working condition for the operator.

The KLCA1030 Inline Control handle with Trigger has increased responsiveness, to meet the demands of high production rates with little effort.

The KLCA1030 handle’s top hat connects to our 4mm KDSA1010 servo chain.

*This handle is to be used with the D-Series Servo Hoist only.*

part number



  • System Capacity: up to 1000 lbs. [453kg]
  • Incorporated Operator Control Interface (OCI).
  • Load Cells with Noise Immunity.
  • (1) 19-Pin Control Connector
  • (1) M12 4-Pin D-Coded Female Ethernet Receptacle.
  • Illuminated Blue/ Green Push Buttons.
  • Illuminated Red Run-Stop Button.
  • Electrical cables sold separately.
  • Shackle sold separately.

max capacity

1,000 [453kg]


15 lbs. [6.81kg]