Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes
Knight Jib Cranes, or Jib Booms, are comprised of single rails rotating on floor mounted posts. They are designed to move effortlessly over expansive tool areas while carrying large capacity loads.

Jib Cranes are an ideal solution for integrating servo hoists, pneumatic balancers, torque tubes and other hoists into a manufacturing facility.


Control Handles
Knight Control Handles come with both horizontal and vertical adjustments along with comfortable ergonomic grips designed to ensure correct operator positioning, making them excellent replacements for non-ergonomic control handles.

Our controls come in either pneumatic, electric or a combination of both and can be customized to fit your application needs.


Articulating Arms
Knight Pneumatic, Extension, Vertical and Servo Articulating Arms provide a wide variety of configurations to lift, rotate, balance, move and transfer products to and from conveyors, dunnage, assembly lines and more.

Our ergonomic articulating arms help to reduce operator fatigue by absorbing torque reaction and allowing for effortless lifting and manipulating of products. These are best used for

Tandem Cable/Chain Pneumatic Balancer Series

Knight’s Tandem Pneumatic Balancer Series is primarily designed for weights exceeding 700 lbs. . Tandem pneumatic balancers are designed to provide the weight capacities of a reeved air balancer application, while simultaneously incorporating the extended travel benefits of a single pneumatic balancer.

Our tandem chain balancers use a custom grade 80 lifting chain specially treated to increase the life of

Reeved Cable/Chain Pneumatic Balancer Series

Knight’s Reeved Pneumatic Balancer Series is primarily designed for weights exceeding 450 lbs. . Reeving a pneumatic balancer increases the mechanical advantage of the product, and the stroke length is half the length of a standard balancer.

Our reeved pneumatic balancers come standard with a Knight swiveling shackle on a pulley.


Limit Switch Pneumatic Balancer Series

Knight’s External Limit Switch Balancer incorporates up to two (2) spring loaded rod assemblies, two (2) limit switches and an external retract control to allow the customer the ability to relay an air pilot signal when predetermined heights have been achieved. Mounted to the bracket is a 5-way pneumatics valve that is de-actuated by the position flag as the balancer travels

Single Cable/Chain Pneumatic Balancer Series

Knight’s Single Pneumatic Balancer is used in applications where a “float” condition is beneficial. Float allows for the hands-free final positioning of an object. The up/down speed of a pneumatic balancer is quicker when compared to a hoist and allows for a “feathering” operation when locating the load. The pendant controls are ergonomically designed and incorporate color-coded thumb levers.


External Retract Control Pneumatic Balancer Series

The external safety retract control is an adjustable safety feature that regulates the balancer’s speed of vertical travel. If a load is lost, the cable or chain will slowly retract into the balancer versus suddenly accelerating upward. The hydraulic shocks from the external retract control put resistance on the thrust bearing allowing for a slow and controlled retraction.


Extension Arm Pneumatic Balancer Series

Knight’s Extension Arm Pneumatic Balancer Arm Series enables the operator to extend beyond the working limits of an overhead rail system within a workstation. Our Pneumatic Balancer mounts to the extension arm allowing for a controlled lifting and lowering of loads. The KEAA2000 and KEAA2500 arms travel inside Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, or RAD7510 Aluminum Series Rail Systems.

When specifying a pneumatic balancer, it is

Pneumatic Balancers

Pneumatic Balancers
Knight Pneumatic Air Balancers are designed to ergonomically help transfer loads using a variety of up/down pendants and balance “float” options that allow for superior control and greater speed over standard air hoists.

When it comes to locating and positioning loads, our pneumatic air balancers give the operator the ability to take their hands off the pendant