Ergo Seat System

Knight Global’s DSA1101 Ergo Seat System is a manually operated, overhead-mounted mobile workstation that helps an operator maintain an ergonomic position while performing various tasks in a demanding manufacturing or maintenance environment. The Ergo Seat allows the operator to move effortlessly to and from each workstation while remaining seated which helps to increase efficiency.

The DSA1101 Ergo Seat System is available in various custom designed configurations that are mounted to an overhead single or dual bridge rail system. Each Ergo Seat is designed to the specific application requirements for adjustability, rotation, accessories and safety equipment.

For more detailed information on design capabilities, contact a Knight representative.

General Information



  • Mounts to overhead rail systems.
  • Single or Dual Bridge Configurations.
  • Manually Operated.
  • Adjustable Heights.
  • Safety Cable (Secures to Rail System).
  • Max. Capacity: Up to 350 lbs. [158kg].
    – (Contact for requirements over 350 lbs.).

Note: The Ergo Seat is custom designed to each application. Ergo Seat Systems are available with a variety of accessories, safety features and equipment. Please check with your state, local or plant safety for requirements. Contact a Knight Global representative for more detailed information. Knight Global will be happy to quote any and all safety equipment needed to meet your requirements.


  • Custom designed to each application.
  • Easy Installation and Set-Up.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Optional Accessories.
    – Bins, Trays, Foot Rests, Grips, Controls, Reclining Seats, etc.
  • Optional Safety Equipment.
    – Seat Belt, Foot Guards, Bump Guards, Safety E-Stop Button, etc.



Ergo Seat System