Ergo Positioner

Knight’s DSA1106 Ergo Positioner is a pneumatically operated pivot locking workstation that allows a part to be adjusted to the operator’s comfort level. The operator can manually adjust the height of the part, then position large or unwieldy parts using the pneumatic foot control to lock and release the part in multiple positions.

The Ergo Positioner can pivot into any position and lock. Its ability for unlimited 3-axis movement reduces operator strain and improves productivity. Part mounting plates can be easily exchanged out to work with various parts.

General Information



  • Unlimited 3-Axis Movements.
  • Pneumatic (2) two Pedal Foot Control.
  • Customizable Part Mounting Plate.
    • (3) hole mounting plate is standard.
  • Adjustable Heights:
    • Min Height: 28.75 in. [730.25mm].
    • Max Height: 43.75 in. [1111mm].
  • Max Capacity: up to 450 lbs. [204kg].


  • Reduces Operator Strain.
  • Improves Productivity.
  • Easy Installation and Set-Up.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Operates on plant air.