Electric Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Tractors

The KET3000 Electric Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Tractors are equipped with Knight’s proven tractor mechanics using a worm gear reducer that is reliable and maintenance-free. They provide a way to easily tow fixtures, bridges, and heavy loads in manufacturing environments, giving the operator complete control of positioning.

Knight’s VFD tractors have many programmable functions, as well. The KET3000 Series has a modular assembly design for easy installation and set-up. 

Different configurations are available depending on the type of Knight rail you are using. The VFD Electric Tractor can also be configured to run on different manufactures’ rail systems.

Knight’s new “Power and Free” All-Electric VFD is a hybrid of the best of both the clutch driven and the pneumatic engagement style of VFD tractors. Combined with Knight’s patent pending ERail, it provides true power and free motion without the need for festooning.

General Information



  • Maximum Speed: 180 ft. per min. [1.3mph].
  • Maximum Towing Capacity: 3,000 lbs. [1,360kg].
  • Integrated Load Trolley
  • Dual Rubber Drive Wheels: rides on bottom of rail.
  • Clutch Drive Wheel Engagement 24VDC
    • Drive wheel is always engaged with rail (Over Center Clamp can disengage tractor if required).
  • Pneumatic Drive Wheel Engagement
    • Drive wheel engages rail when a forward or reverse command is received.
  • All-Electric “Power and Free” Control Drive Wheel Engagement
    • Drive Wheel is engaged only when a forward or reverse command is received.
    • When the VFD is not receiving a command, it is free to roll along the rail, providing a true power and free traction option.
  • Programmable speeds, acceleration, and deceleration rates.
  • Standard Inverter Motor: 1/2 HP
  • Standard VFD controller: FLA 6amps at 240VAC, Single Phase, for variable speeds on board.
  • (2) Year Warranty.
  • Over Travel Limits (ramps sold separately).
  • Product Weight: Varies by each model


  • Provides ease of towing fixtures, bridges, and heavy loads.
  • Ergonomically assist the operators when controlling the position of loads.
  • Programmable functions
    • Acceleration
    • Deceleration
    • Speeds
    • Controlled start and stop.
  • The Dual Rubber Drive Wheels provide positive traction between the tractor and the rail.
  • Knight’s proven tractor is designed with a worm gear reducer, which is highly reliable and maintenance free.
  • VFD tractors have a modular assembly for ease of installation.
  • Produced with off-the-shelf electrical components.




  • End of travel shocks
  • Pendant cables with tether
  • Tow Bars
  • KCA1020 Two Speed Pendant with Run-Stop Button.
  • Wireless pendant controls package
  • Over Travel Limits Ramps
  • Optional Custom Tractors:
    • Non Standard rail
    • Nema 12 enclosure
    • Complete fixture integration
  • Combined with Knight Engineering VFD Tractors can provide:
    • Return to home function.
    • Wireless capabilities.
    • Custom interface.
    • Coordinated dual interface for large spans
    • Coordinated with hoist
    • Interface with other hoists
    • Remote programming ports



Electric VFD Tractors