SGV Handshake / Lift and Rotate Table

Knight’s SGV Handshake Lift and Rotate Tables have been developed with the capability of interfacing with SGV’s (Self-guided vehicles) by initiating a “handshake” signal when all positional conditions have been achieved. When the lift and rotate table is in the full down position, the sensors are activated telling the SGV that it is clear to load or unload dunnage to the table.

When any one of these conditions are not met, the sensor will not turn on and the “hand shake” condition to the SGV will not be made enabling it to continue.

Smart Lift Table



  • Lifts and rotates dunnage for easy loading or unloading.
  • Steel Construction.
  • Maintenance Lock-Out Bars.
  • Ground Level Loading Height.
  • Polished Chrome Shafts at all Pivot and Slide Points.
  • Max. Capacity: Up to 6,000 lbs. [2,721kg].


  • Ratchet Safety Stops.
  • Bellows Skirting.
  • Custom Control Packages.
  • Table size and height



Lift and Rotate SGV Handshake Table