SDS Smart Cart

Knight’s KSCA400 SDS Smart Cart is an ideal solution when product needs to be transferred in a quick and easy mobile fashion. It is equipped with Knight’s patented Safety Drop Stop (SDS) technology, making it safe and reliable.

The cart has optimal maneuverability and is easy to operate. It has two limit switches to adjust the travel of the chains, and two chain buckets keep the chains separate and free from debris. The chains travel in Knight’s proprietary RAD6500 extruded aluminum round rail, ensuring that they are protected.

This electric cart is also equipped with a built-in quick charger, and a digital voltage display that indicates when the light weight lithium-ion battery needs to be charged. This combination of the quick charger and lithium-ion battery makes it possible to charge the cart in half the time of previous technologies while increasing the time the charge will last.  The cart is equipped with Knight’s variable speed handle and programable speed control.

The SDS Smart Cart can be customized with special end effectors designed for each customer’s needs. Additionally, the lift height and width of the legs can be customized. The cart has a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. [181kg] at its mast, and is delivered fully assembled.

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KSCA400 SDS Smart Cart Series Model Numbers:
KSCA400-6500S-xx-24-x, KSCA400-6500S-xx-30-x, KSCA400-6500S-xx-36-x

General Information



  • Redundant chain design for safe operation.
    • Load Chain: Carries the load.
    • Safety Chain: Rides along for redundancy.
  • Two buckets to keep chains separated.
  • Easy to Operate and Maneuver.
  • Light weight Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Built-In Charger.
  • Digital Voltage Display.
  • Travel Limit Switches.
  • Delivered Fully Assembled.
  • Available with chain lengths of 24 in. [609.6mm], 30 in. [762mm] or 36 in. [914.4mm].
  • Lift Speed: 5 in. [127mm] to 6 in. [152mm] ips at 275 lbs. [125kg].
  • Max. Capacity: Up to 400 lbs. [181kg].


  • Optional Customized End Effector.
  • Height of Cart.
  • Lift Height.
  • Legs(Standard, Low Profile, or Custom).
  • Base Size.



Mortuary Smart Cart