Medium Duty Articulating Pneumatic Arm

Knight’s AAA6000 Overhead and Floor Mounted Medium Duty Articulating Arm is a parallelogram arm used to lift, rotate, balance, and move product from conveyors, dunnage, assembly lines and more. AAA6000 Arms utilize twin cylinders to achieve greater lifting capacity, and therefore reduce operator fatigue by absorbing torque reaction and helping to lift and manipulate the product effortlessly.

The Overhead Mounted AAA6000 travels inside Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, or RAD7510 Aluminum Series Rail Systems on the “X”, “Y”, and “Z” axis and features a variety of control configurations.

Knight also offers fixed and 360 degree rotational AAA6000 Articulating Arms. These have a maximum reach (without Extension Boom) of 48 in. [1,219mm] and a maximum balance capacity of up to 430 lbs. [195kg] at 100 psi [6.8bar]. Capacities vary with reach.

Pictured carriage pan and extension boom not included.

For more information on Low Profile Medium Duty Articulating Pneumatic Arms, contact a Knight Global representative.

To see examples of custom Pneumatic Arms designed by Knight, visit our Gallery.

General Information



  • Travels inside Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, or RAD7510 Series Rail.
  • Lifts, Rotates, Balances, and Manipulates product with minimal effort.
  • Variety of Control Configurations.
  • Overhead Carriage Sizes: 24 in. [609mm] or 36 in. [914mm].
  • Max. Arm Length: Up to 48 in. [1,219mm].
  • Max. Extension Boom Length: Up to 48in. [1,219mm]. (Lengths over 48 in. Contact a Knight Representative).
  • Max. Vertical Arm Travel: Up to 48 in. [1,219mm].
  • Max. Lifting/Balance Capacity: Up to 430 lbs. [195kg] at 100 psi [6.8bar]. (Capacity Varies with Reach – See Specification Sheet).


  • Overhead Mounted or Floor Mounted.
  • Floor mounted eliminates need for overhead system.
  • Reduces Operator Fatigue.
  • Arm travels on the “X”, “Y”, and “Z” Axis.
  • Absorbs Torque Reaction.
  • Fixed or 360° Rotation.
  • Optional Pivot Brake.
  • Optional Parking Brake.
  • Optional Clutch Brake.



*Applications Compilation

Battery Lift and Rotate Assist

Front Seat Lift and Install Assist

Lower Mass Arm Range of Motion

Lower Mass Arm Windshield Lift Assist

Pallet Lift and Rotate Assist

Pedestal Arm Seat Lift and Transfer Assist

Rear Seat Lift, Rotate and Transfer Assist


Load Trolley


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Safety Cable


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