Electric Control Handle w/ Electric Trigger

The EPTA9660 is an electronically operated control handle that contains (4) thumb levers, (4) 4-Pin Micro Single Pole Limit Switches with (1) N/O (Normally/Open) and (1) N/C (Normally/Closed) contacts and (1) Single Pole Limit Switch for the rear trigger lever.

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  • (4) Thumb Lever Configuration.
  • (1) Trigger Lever.
  • (44-Pin Micro Single Pole Limit Switches.
  • (1) Trigger Single Pole Limit Switch.
  • BPD1125 Ergonomic Grip.
  • Optional Color-Coded Thumb Levers.
  • Optional Angled Thumb Levers.


4.3 lbs. [1.96kg]