V-Sway Brace (7in-11in Flange)

The MRWS41431 V-Sway Brace stabilizes Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, or RAD7510 Series Aluminum Rail Systems.

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  • Structural Support Flange Size: 7 in. – 11 in. [178mm – 279mm].
  • Used when Hangers Threaded Rod Length is 2 ft. [0.6m] or Greater.
  • Max I-Beam Flange thickness: 7/16″ (Thicker flange beams will require modified hanger, available upon request).
  • Includes: (6) Jam Nuts.
  • Coated with an environmentally friendly corrosion protection. ** (Autophoretic ACC 900®)
  • Optional Threaded Rod: Up to 12 ft. [3.6m] (Each additional 1 ft. [0.6m] of rod adds .905 lbs. [0.41kg] to overall weight.)


9.8 lbs. [4.45kg].