Servo Hoist Rail Brake

Bolt-on design that attaches to the servo hoists load trolley. The KSAA1011 Rail Brake is typically used when the operator needs to lock the servo hoist from moving in the bridge or runway rail. The locking feature allows the operator to accurately load and unload parts. The KSAA1011 servo hoist parking brake is also designed to be used as a drag brake, but a regulator is needed to supply air pressure to the cylinder.

Servo Hoist Rail Brake can be mounted facing the front or rear of the Servo Hoist depending on the applications specific braking requirements.

(Previously EBA1330)

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  • Fits models: KSH250S, KSH350S, KSH500S, KSH750S, and KSH1000S and Speed Hoists.
  • Attaches to Knight Servo Hoist Load Trolleys.
  • Pneumatic Servo Hoist to Rail Braking System.
  • Stroke Size: 0.75 in. [19.1mm].
  • Bore Pneumatic Cylinder: 2.00 in. [50.8kg].
  • Parking brake is also a drag brake when regulator is attached.
  • Replaceable Brake Pads.
  • Mounts to front or rear of Servo Hoist.


6.0 lbs. [2.72kg]