(LMM) Load Monitoring Module with Pass Through

Fully programmable analog style load monitoring module that incorporates the latest in designs. The KLCA1004 includes our patented load cells with integral amplifier for noise immunity, packaging to protect lights buttons and connectors from operator interface, and improved clevis mount with cross pinning to eliminate the need for threaded rod, for connecting devices below the handle grip.

The KLCA1004 top hat connects our 4mm KDSA1010 or 5mm KDSA1011 servo chain. The LMM programmable load sensing module mounts inline of the chain on the system and is used when the operator is not able to reach the run stop button when the hoist is in the up position, and is used in conjunction with the KCA1015 (OCI) Operator Controlled Interface module.

KCA1040 Electrical Coil Cable and KCA1041 Electrical Straight Cable sold separately.

(Formerly EBA1166)

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  • 750 lbs. [340kg] Load Cell.
  • Ethernet Programming Port.
  • Used in conjunction with the Dual Speed Handle Pendant, Fixture Handle or remote OCI module.
  • (1) 19-Pin M23 Male Receptacle.
  • (1) 19-Pin M23 Female Receptacle.
  • KSAA1004 Shackle comes standard.
  • KLCA1004-750:
    • Maximum Capacity: 500 lbs. [226kg].
    • 750 lbs. [340kg] (LMM) Sourcing Load Monitoring Module.
    • 750 lbs. [340kg] Load Cell with Integral Amplifier.
  • KLCA1004-2000:
    • Maximum Capacity: 1,500 lbs. [680kg].
    • 2,000 lbs. [907kg] (LMM) Sourcing Load Monitoring Module.
    • 2,000 lbs. [907kg] Load Cell with Integral Amplifier.