Load Cell Fixture Handle

The KCA1071 Load Cell Fixture Handle is a programmable load sensing handle that can be mounted inline or remotely on the system. The fixture handle offers an inherent intuitive motion. The operator places force on the handles which creates a directional motion for the overall system which eliminates the need to push buttons. Up and Down motions can be initiated by grasping anywhere on the fixture handles.

Knight’s KCA1071 Load Cell Handles are designed for rugged applications and high duty cycles.

Previously EBA1141

part number



  • Designed for rugged applications and continuous duty cycles.
  • Eliminates need to push buttons.
  • Motion initiated by simply grasping handles.
  • 500 lbs. [226kg] Load Cell with Amplifier.
  • Attaches directly to fixture.
  • Load Responsive Handling.
  • Handle Force Response: – Less than 1.5 lbs. [0.68kg].
  • Handle Fixture Size: 5 X 5.
  • (1) 8-Pin M12 Male Receptacle.
  • (2) 6 in. [152mm] Handles Included. – (Unless Specified)
  • Custom handles can be configured for most applications and are designed on a per job basis.
  • 8-pin M12 cable is included, length to be specified.


10.9 lbs [4.96kg]