Hook with Bail and Locking Gate

Knight Global’s BPA2020** Hook with Bail and Locking Gate is a manufactured by Brass alloy Golden Gates®. It is typically used with Knight’s KBA Cable Balancers.

The BPA2020 is engineered for quality, easy handling and dependability. The heavy duty, corrosion resistant locking mechanism will stay locked until an operator releases it; yet, can easily be shut with one hand. Cost effective, these gates reduce down time, providing the alternative to conventional latches.

**previously EBA1083

part number



  • Lif-Lok® Gate.
  • Suitable for infrequent, non-continuous rotation under load.
  • Typically used with Knight’s KBA Cable Balancers
  • Open bend keeps the load inline with the chain.
  • Open bend allows for ease of engaging and disengaging the load.
  • Use in corrosive environment requires shank and nut inspection in accordance with ASME B30.10-1.10.4(b)(5)(c)2009.

max capacity

2,000 lbs [907kg]


0.8 lbs. [0.36kg]