Splice Kit

Knight Global’s MLRA9505 Splice Kit is a bolt-on kit that connects or joins (2) two sections of LRD9500 series rail without the need to weld bosses and provides an easier access to the head bolts.

End Cap with Shock

Knight Global’s MLRA9504 End Cap with Shock attaches to the end of the LRD9500 Series Rail. The MLRA9504 End Cap with Shock absorbs up to 229 ft. lbs. of striking force from the load trolley to reduce the impact on the end cap. Knight’s MLRA9504 is required for applications using a Telescoping Bridge, Servo Hoist, or where the load trolley will frequently

Mount Plate Assembly

Knight Global’s MLRA9502 Mount Plate Assembly attaches Knight’s LRD9500 Series Engineered Rail to post beams and wall structures.

Linear Rail Carriage

Knight Global’s MLRA9501 Linear Rail Carriage travels along the horizontal axis and suspends lifting devices from Knight’s LRD9500 series linear rail. It is designed for cantilevered and direct load applications.

Knight carriages are manufactured from commercial grade pickled and oiled hot rolled steel with a tensile strength of ± 49 ksi and a yield point of ± 30 ksi.