Lift Tables, Carts and Accumulators

Knight’s Tables, Carts and Accumulators product line incorporates the use of pneumatic control and smart technology to make operations cleaner, simplify spare part inventories and reduce overall general maintenance.

Knight’s exclusive air bag designs offers high durability and resistance to wear. We stand by our quality and workmanship with a unique five year, parts and labor warranty.




Lift Tables-StandardPneumatic and Hydraulic Tables (Lift, Rotate, Tilt, Slide, Low Profile, Platform)

Knight Global Tables are ergonomically designed for easy loading and unloading of materials. Tables are available in various styles, lift capacities and controls that will accommodate the needs of the application that your company is looking for. Hydraulic steel fittings or stainless steel braided hydraulic hosing for increased durability is optional. 20,000 lb. capacity mechanical thrust bearing or castor bearings are used for all rotating top options.



Forkless Carts/Forkless Rotating Carts

Knight Global Forkless Cart Systems allow you to link the carts together and tow several carts at once. The brake automatically disengages when tongue comes down. Fork-free carts are available in a combination of push, tugger or rotating configurations.

Smart Carts (electrical)

Smart Carts are designed to be customized to handle a wide variety of material handling needs. Each cart is tailored to the customer’s specific application. The Smart Cart is ideal when an off the shelf cart will not work with your application. Knight Global can design and build a custom end effector for your Smart Cart applications.

Custom Lifts/Custom Carts

Knight Global’s Cart Lift Systems position carts and contents in ideal ergonomic positioning so workers are more productive, and experience less back pain. Fork truck use is also minimized, reducing energy and labor costs. If standard cart designs do not fit your specific application, Knight Global can design a customized carts to accommodate a wide variety of material handling needs. Each cart is tailored to the customer’s specific application.



Powered Accumulators

Knight Powered Accumulators were developed to transfer parts between two workstations and offer an accumulation of parts at the off-load end. A standard system has two low maintenance air motor drives with dual speed reducers. Each end is independently powered for complete operator control.


Gravity Over-Under Accumulators

Knight Gravity Over-Under Accumulators is an efficient way to transfer parts between workstations for assembly applications. No power source required, making it a very cost effective and virtually maintenance free system. For specific information on application alternatives, contact your Knight Global representative today.