Series Lube-Free Motor

Knight Global’s TRA5500 Series Lube-Free Motor provides mobility by towing bridges, fixtures and heavier loads. The TRA5500 is equipped with a Lube-Free Motor that requires less maintenance and will have a longer expected service life and is typically used to assist an operator to push, pull or position loads. Knight’s Lube-Free Motors are available on the TRA5500 Series Air Tractors only. The TRA5500 Tractor Series is designed to be used in conjunction with Knight’s RAD4110 and RAD7510 workstation crane systems.

Knight Pneumatic Tractors can be integrated with an pneumatic fixture allowing for multiple configurations such as: automatic return home, conveying of a load to the next position, and starting and stopping limits with the use of air logic.

part number



  • Assists operator in pushing, pulling and positioning loads.
  • Maximum Speed: 1.9 ft. per sec [1.3mph].
  • Maximum Air Consumption: 75 cfm.
  • MCBF: >500,000 (>10,000,000 Linear ft.).
  • Integrated Load Trolley.
  • Tows fixtures, bridges and loads.
  • Optional TRA2001 (Hanging) pendant.
  • Optional TRA2002 (Fixture Mounted) pendant.

max capacity

2,000 lbs. [908kg]