Allows for the Quick Connection of Knight’s DSD Series Rail without welding. Knight’s T-Connector, connects DSD rail perpendicular to each other. The DSA T-Connector is available in Steel or Aluminum, and comes in (2) two inside diameter sizes.

part number

DSA1137, DSA1147, DSAAL1137, DSAAL1147


  • Connects DSD Series Rail sections.
  • ASTM B221 6005-T5 Series Aluminum or 4140 Cast Steel.
  • Available in Steel or Aluminum.
  • DSA1137 (Steel) inside diameter – 1 in. [25.4mm].
  • DSAAL1137 (Aluminum) inside diameter – 1 in. [25.4mm].
  • DSA1147 (Steel) inside diameter – 1.5 in. [38.1mm].
  • DSAAL1147 (Aluminum) inside diameter – 1.5 in. [38.1mm].