Straight Connector

Allows for the Quick Connection of Knight’s DSD Series Rail without welding. Knight’s Straight Connector, connects DSD rail in Horizontal and Vertical Positions. The DSA Straight Connector is available in Steel or Aluminum, and comes in (2) two inside diameter sizes.

part number

DSA1136, DSA1146, DSAAL1136, DSAAL1146


  • Connects DSD Series Rail sections.
  • ASTM B221 6005-T5 Series Aluminum or 4140 Cast Steel.
  • Available in Steel or Aluminum.
  • DSA1136 (Steel) inside diameter – 1 in. [25.4mm].
  • DSAAL1136 (Aluminum) inside diameter – 1 in. [25.4mm].
  • DSA1146 (Steel) inside diameter – 1.5 in. [38.1mm].
  • DSAAL1146 (Aluminum) inside diameter – 1.5 in. [38.1mm].