Coiled Hose Management for Bridges

The MRMS4309 hose management kit for coiled hoses on a bridge will attach coiled hose to Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110 and RAD7510 Series Rail. It supplies air to Pneumatic Balancers, Tractors, Tooling or End Effectors. The kit includes: all brackets, fittings and messenger cable for (1) one bridge.

Coiled hose and regulator can be purchased separately.

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  • Supplies Air to Pneumatic Balancers, Tractors, Tooling and End Effectors.
  • Festoon Kit includes: – Brackets, Fittings and Messenger Cable for (1) one Bridge.
  • Hose Fitting Diameters: 1/2 in. [12.7mm].
  • Kit does not include the Coiled Hose or Regulator.
  • The Hose and Regulator can be purchased separately.