Messenger Cable Hose Trolley

Carries festooning or cable for Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, and RAD7510 Series Overhead Aluminum Rail Systems. Knight’s MRMA4494 travels on a tag line on the side of the rail system and uses the complete length of the rail, which results in zero stack-up lengths. Alternate the “U” bolts from inside to outside when installing festoon hose. This will allow for minimal stack-up lengths.

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  • Travels on tag line on the side of the RAD4100, RAD4110, RAD6110, RAD7500, and RAD7510 Series Rails.
  • Zero stack-up lengths.
  • Carries festooned hose or cable used in hose management kits.
  • Fiberglass filled High Impact Nylon Wheels.
  • Double-Shielded bearings keep dirt out, and do not require lubrication.
  • Min/ Max Continuous Service Temp at 100% load: -20 degs. F to 248 degs. F.


2.3 lbs. [1.04kg].