I-Beam Extended Stack Rod and Ball Hanger (2in-7in Flange)

Used for Direct Loads Only and suspends Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, or RAD7510 Series Aluminum Rail Systems. When using the MRHS40471 Hanger, structural steel can be run perpendicular or parallel to the Knight rail system.

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  • Suspends Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, or RAD7510 Series Rail.
  • For Direct Loads Only.
  • Adjustable Height Hanger.
  • Structural Support Flange Size: 2 in. – 7 in. [51mm – 178mm].
  • Max I-Beam Flange thickness: 7/16″ (Thicker flange beams will require modified hanger, available upon request).
  • Includes 1 ft. [0.3m] Threaded Rod.
  • Includes: (2) Jam Nuts and (2) Spring Clips.
  • Coated with an environmentally friendly corrosion protection. ** (Autophoretic ACC 900®).
  • Optional Threaded Rod: Up to 12 ft. [3.6m] (Each additional 1 ft. [0.6m] of rod adds .905 lbs. [0.41kg] to overall weight.)
  • Optional RWA4133 Safety Cable.


10.2 lbs. [4.63kg].