Splice Kit

The MRHA4445 Splice Kit is a bolt-on kit that provides easier access to the head bolts. For RAD4110, RAD6110 and RAD7510 series aluminum rail. Hanger placement directly over the splice is preferred. If unable to do so, a hanger must be placed within one foot of the splice. Exceptions to this practice would be for mounting servo tractors, extreme weights and for excessive shock loads. When these conditions present themselves, consultation with Knight Global would be required. While cross bolts are supplied and Knight suggests their use on every other hanger as a minimum, they are required when:

A) Local Safety Regulations/ Specifications dictate their use and

B) when a Knight Splice Kit is used and/ or when a Knight Hanger is used as a splice cap. Contact Knight Global’s Service Department for further instructions

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  • Splices (2) sections of the RAD4110 Series and RAD6110 Series Rail.
  • Bolt-On Splice Kit.
  • Bolt-on kit eliminates need to weld bosses.
  • Provides easier access to bolt heads.


3.6 lbs. [1.63kg].