Add-On Access Gate

Knight Global’s MRAA4975 allows for the maintenance and/ or inspection of a load trolley while it is still in the rail. Typically used on existing applications where an access gate is needed. Knight’s MRAA4975 Add-On Access Gate is a bolt-on kit; but may require the cutting of the rail on existing rail application installations. (New rail installations would come pre-cut for the access gate). When using the MRAA4975 Add-On Access Gate, load hangers are required within 1ft. [0.3m] of splice. Cross bolts are supplied and must be used on every other hanger as a minimum.

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  • Attaches to the RAD4110 Series Rail.
  • Allows for maintenance and/ or inspection of a load trolley.
  • Easy inspection of system trolleys.


35.3 lbs. [16.01kg].