2-Button Lever Style Analog Remote Handle

The KCA1119 2-Button Lever Style Analog Remote Control Handle is an optional handle for Knight’s Speed Hoist. It has UP/DOWN thumb levers to control movement and speed of the hoist. This handle provides the user with the ability to easily control movement using programmable variable speed levers.

An ethernet port on the handle allows for the use of the Knight Servo Studio software. With this, many user parameters can be setup for easy customization of height, slow down zones, and speed control of the hoist.

The KCA1119 is also available in a rocker switch configuration, KCA1110 (standard Speed Hoist handle).

part number



  • Optional Lever Style Analog Remote Handle for the SDS Speed Hoist.
  • UP/DOWN thumb levers.
  • Run/Stop button
  • Indicator light
  • Lightweight, 3D printed casing
  • Ethernet port for easy setup of parameters


2.9 lbs. [1.3kg]