Electrical Coiled Cable

The KCA1040 Electrical Coil cable provides a robust method of communicating from the OCI (Operator Control Interface) module on the floor level, to the servo controls up on the rail. The coil cable is made up of a high resistant PVC and has proved the test of time. The four inch coil connects the In-Line Handle or (LMM) Load Monitoring Module in a clean and compact package by wrapping around the Servo Hoist Chain. The KCA1040 Coiled Cable is made exclusively for Knight with 19-Pin Military style connectors and is available in various cable lengths.

Knight’s KCA1040 coiled cable is provided in many lengths, with specified lengths being the total. For example a 3ft coil will stretch to 3ft. See product features for all part numbers.

Previously EBA1011

part number



  • Electrical Coiled Cables are made exclusively for Knight Global.
  • Connects a Servo Hoist to a load monitoring module by wrapping itself around the Servo Chain.
  • 19-Pin Military Bayonet Style Connectors.
  • 90 Degree Male to Female Connectors.
  • Optional Straight Cable configuration.
  • Available Lengths:
    • KCA1040-2 (2 ft. [60.9 cm])
    • KCA1040-3 (3 ft. [91.4 cm])
    • KCA1040-4 (4 ft. [121.9 cm])
    • KCA1040-6 (2 ft. [182.9 cm])
    • KCA1040-8 (8 ft. [243.8 cm])
    • KCA1040-10 (10 ft. [304.8 cm])
    • KCA1040-12 (12 ft. [365.7 cm])
    • KCA1040-15 (15 ft. [457.2 cm])
    • KCA1040-20 (20 ft. [609.6 cm])