3KVA Electrical Disconnect Enclosure

The KCA1018 3KVA Electrical Disconnect Enclosures converts 480VAC to 240VAC for powering the Knight Global servo hoists. This panel comes with an industrial flange disconnect and provides a means to lock out the system when time for maintenance. It also includes a 3KVA finger safe transformer and primary and secondary fusing for all your single chain servo products. (i.e., Knight’s KSH250S, KSH350S, KSH500S, KSH750S and KSH1000S Servo Hoists).

Electrical Disconnect Enclosure Stands Not Included.

Previously EBA1003

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  • Used with: KSH250S, KSH350S, KSH500S, KSH750S and KSH1000S Servo Hoists.
  • Flange disconnect.
  • Transformer Disconnect, 3KVA.
  • Enclosure Size: 21 in. X 20 in. X 10 in.
  • 480VAC – 240VAC, FLA 6.25.
  • 15A Primary Fusing.
  • 15A Secondary Fusing.
  • Enclosures are mounted at a ergonomically correct height.
  • Optional Dual Enclosure Configuration. (Front and Back)
  • Stand not included.