Fixture Mounted OCI

Knight’s Fixture Mounted Operator Controlled Interface (OCI) mounts directly to a fixture and has illuminated LIFT and FLOAT buttons and a RUN-STOP button switch. Side and rear cable attachment models are available. KCA1014 has rear cable attachments, and KCA1015 has side mounted cable attachments.

part number

KCA1014 / KCA1015


  • Provides operator interface with the Knight Servo Hoist.
  • 19-Pin Control and I/O connector.
  • Ethernet Programming Port.
  • Illuminated Blue/ Green Push Buttons.
  • Illuminated Red Run-Stop Button.
  • Side and rear mounted cable models are available.


3.5 lbs. [1.59kg] / 6.75 lbs. [3.1 kg]