Two-Speed Control Handle with Trigger

The EPDTA9600 Two-Speed Control Handle w/ Trigger is a non-programmable handle. It is comprised of five switches to make up a (2) two-speed operation with Trigger Button by simply compressing the thumb levers. Halfway is one speed, fully compressed is the second speed. Units come with a standard mounting flange. You will need to specify the flange adaptor tube size for your End Effector.

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  • Non-Programmable Handle.
  • May be mounted remotely from the end effector.
  • (1) Switch trigger lever.
  • (2) Thumb Lever Configuration.
  • (2) Switches per thumb lever.
  • (1) trigger lever.
  • BPD1125 Ergo Grip.
  • (5) Single Pole 240V, 3A Limit Switches.
  • Switches IP67.
  • UL Listed, CE Approved.
  • Various Mounting Options.
  • Cables – M12 4-pin female mating cables sold separately.
  • Strain Cable / Tether per application use.
  • Specify Mounting Collar Size: (.88 in., 1 in., 1.25 in.).
  • Optional EPA9600 Single Speed Control Handle.
  • Optional EPTA9600 Single Speed Control Handle with Trigger.
  • Optional EPDTA9600 Two-Speed Control Handle with Trigger.
  • Optional Color-Coded Thumb Levers.
  • Optional Angled Thumb Levers.
  • Custom lever markings, specify when ordering.
  • Different Call-out Languages Available.


2.8 lbs [1.27 kg]