ERail Tube Style C-Channel Hanger

Used for Direct or Offset Loads and suspends Knight’s ERAD4000, ERAD6000 or ERAD7000 Rail Systems. When using the EMRHA6160 Hanger, structural steel can be run perpendicular or parallel to the Knight rail system.

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  • Suspends Knight’s ERAD4000, ERAD6000, or ERAD7000 Series Rail.
  • For Direct or Offset Loads.
  • Fixed Height Hanger.
  • Hanger is clamped to the top flange of the Knight rail.
  • Coated with an environmentally friendly corrosion protection. ** (Autophoretic ACC 900®).
  • Attaches to all C-Channel or Angle Iron.


5.2 lbs [2.36kg]