Standard Collar Mounts

The BPA1119, BPA1120, and BPA1121 Standard Collar Mounts allow Control Handles to be mounted in a fixed rotational position and are equipped with hole patterns that allow for the 360° rotation of the control handle around a vertical axis.

part number

BPA1119, BPA1120, BPA1121


  • Mounts to backside of Control Handle.
  • Allows Control handle to be mounted in a fixed position.
  • Hole Pattern allows for multiple 360° rotational mounting positions.
  • BPA1119 has 0.88 in. [22.2mm] I.D.
  • BPA1120 has 1.00 in. [25.4mm] I.D.
  • BPA1121 has 1.25 in. [31.7mm] I.D.