Floor Anchor Kit

Knight’s Floor Anchor Kits can be used with any variation of a Knight Global table system, as well as the table controls pedestal. The kit consists of (4) expandable carbon steel stud anchors. The anchors should be installed in a structurally sound concrete floor at each equipment attachment point.

Air Glide Hose Management System

Knight’s newest product, the (patent pending) AIR GLIDE HOSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a revolutionary new product designed to eliminate the hanging of festooning / air lines / hoses on aluminum rail. The Air Glide can be used with Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, and RAD7510 series rail and it can be attached to any runway or bridge rail. It can also be designed to fit

Extended Stack I-Beam Hanger (7in - 11in Flange)

Used for Direct Loads, This I-Beam Hanger suspends Knight’s TR2000 Series Aluminum Rail Systems. When using the TRH22185 Hanger, structural steel can be run perpendicular or parallel to the Knight rail system.

The hanger also has vertical adjustability of up to 2″.

The TRH22185 Hanger is coated with an environmentally friendly corrosion protectant.


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