Precision Roller Chain Wear Gauge

The KSAA1063 Precision Chain Wear Gauge is used to measure the wear on Knight Servo Arm Roller Chains. It’s easy to use and very precise in gauging the wear on the roller chains.

Knight Rotary Union Guide

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CAD Drawings

Jib Boom Disc Brake

The MJBA2710 Jib Boom Disc Brake is used as a parking break and also limits rotation of the jib boom. It is used with Knight’s MJBA2700 Jib Crane.

Controls for the Jib Boom Disc Brake are not included.

TRH20761 Spec Sheet

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TRH20382 Spec sheet

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Knight Rotary Union - Electric (For Speed Hoists)

Knight’s Rotary Unions (patent pending) are designed for industrial automation equipment applications. Their primary function is to prevent airlines, electrical cables and SDS chains from winding or tangling up during operation which can greatly reduce downtime as well as any potential equipment damage.

The KSAA1078 Knight Rotary Union is for Speed Hoists with a 750 lbs. – 1000 lbs. capacity. It includes a 5mm