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Absorbing Torque Reaction by the Foot Pounds
Knight Global's Torque Tubes are designed to reduce operator fatigue by absorbing torque reaction produced by assembly tools while balancing the tool weight. Torque Tubes use a pneumatic cylinder or spring balancer to achieve zero gravity balancing. Each Torque tube pneumatic cylinder is supplied with single balance control.

Torque Tubes are most commonly used as a Tool Holder by incorporating Knight's ASA9518 360 degree Rotating Tool Clamp or Knight's ASA9500 and ASA9501 Adjustable Fixed Tool Clamps.
  • Torque Tubes
  • Spring Balancer
Knight Global - Torque Tubes (Light/Medium/Heavy Duty)
Torque Tubes Series
Torque Tubes
Torque Tubes are ideal for small hand tools, pneumatic nutrunners and torque tools. Torque tools and are more commonly used for high torque producing tools and applications with custom designed tooling.

Torque tools have a maximum capacity of up to 500 lbs. [227kg] and 853 ft/lb. [1,156nm]
at 60 - 100 psi.
Knight Global - Spring Balancer Torque Tube (Light/ Heavy Duty)
Spring Balancer Torque Tube Series
Spring Balancer Torque Tubes
Knight Spring Balancers Torque Tubes can be used in various applications due to air not being a requirement for operation. Spring Balancer Torque Tubes are available in two configurations with a maximum capacity of up to 35 lbs. [15.8kg] and 300 ft/lb. [406nm].
Torque Tube Series
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