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Quick Build Connectors
Knight Global's Quick Build Connectors are a modular system of steel or aluminum connectors and tubing used to create custom workstations and fixtures. The Quick Build Connectors design allows for quick assembly without the need for welding. You can design and build a workstation or fixture to your specific application in no time at all.
  • Features/Benefits
  • Accessories
Knight Global Quick Build Connectors
Features/ Benefits
• Mechanical Properties:
  ASTM B221 6005-T5 Series Aluminum.
• Multiple Sizes Available.
• Adjustable 22.5º Increments.
• Max. Capacity: Contact for Capacities.
• Product Weights:
   - DSD1108 Tubing: 1.4 lbs/ ft. [0.64kg/ft.].
   - DSD1109 Tubing: 0.9 lbs/ ft. [0.41kg/ft.].
   - DSD1110 Tubing: 0.5 lbs/ ft. [0.23kg/ft.].
• Tubing Lengths: Up to 12 ft. [3.65m].
• Pre-Assembled Accessories.
• Easy Installation.
• No Welding Required.
• (3) Three Sizes Available:
   - DSD1108 Tubing
    2 in. [50.8mm] O.D. / 1.4 in [35.6mm] I.D.
   - DSD1109 Tubing
    1.5 in. [38.1mm] O.D. / 1.0 in [25.4mm] I.D.
   - DSD1110 Tubing
    1 in. [25.4mm] O.D. / 0.57 in [14.5mm] I.D.
Note: Vacuum Cups, Table/ Cart Tops, Control Handles, Wheels and Eye Hooks are custom products added to
           complete shown fixture, cart and table. For more information on these items contact a Knight representative.
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