Dual Drum

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Dual Drum "SDS" Balancer

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Speed Hoist Chain Shackle

The KLCA1034 Speed Hoist Chain Shackle attaches to Knight’s 4mm chain on the new SDS Speed Hoist. The Hook is equipped with a 1 ton capacity Crosby/Bullard® Golden Gate size 2 Pin-Lok Hook with self closing gate and 360° rotational capabilities. The KLCA1034 is equipped with a connection for a drop stop safety chain.

I-Beam Hanger (7in-11in Flange)

Used for Direct Loads and suspends Knight’s TR2000 Series Aluminum Rail Systems. When using the TRH22182 Hanger, structural steel can be run perpendicular or parallel to the Knight rail system. The TRH22182 Hanger is coated with an environmentally friendly corrosion protectant.


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Dual Drum "SDS" Balancer

Knight has designed an “Dual Drum” Air Balancer with the patented Safety Drop Stop “SDS” dual chain feature. This type of Pneumatic Balancer is typically used in applications that require the manipulation of an unwieldy or large part. Also, a single suspension point may not stabilize a lengthy part. Some applications require that the fixture remain square to a part and (2) two


Knight Carts can be integrated with our Lift Tables in order to make loading and unloading easier for the operator. This reduces time lost to personnel injuries and helps increase productivity.

Our carts can be designed to fit a multitude of applications. They are inspected and tested before they leave our facility.

Carts are available with a variety of accessories, safety features and equipment.

Forkless Rotate

Knight’s Forkless Rotate Carts rotate products for easy access for the operator. They are easy to tow and can be integrated with Knight’s Lift Tables.

Forkless Rotate Carts have a foot actuated brake and a removeable push bar. These carts can be customized to each customer’s specifications dependent on their application.

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