Electric Control Handle Series

Knight’s Electric Control Handle Series is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for the operator. The horizontal and vertical adjustment capabilities and ergonomic grip make it an excellent replacement for non-ergonomic control handles. The EPA Series is an electronically operated control handle that is available in a one, two, three or four button configuration.

Safety Drop Stop "SDS" Pneumatic Balancer

Knight’s Safety Drop Stop “SDS” Pneumatic Balancer is the safest balancer in the world due to its ability to prevent a hoisted load from dropping in the event that the primary chain fails. The “SDS” Balancer prevents potential injuries to your operating personnel.

Pneumatic Balancers are used in applications where a “float” condition is beneficial. Float allows for the hands-free

Extension Arm Pneumatic Balancer Arm Series

Knight’s Extension Arm Pneumatic Balancer Arm Series enables the operator to extend beyond the working limits of an overhead rail system within a workstation. Knight’s Pneumatic Balancer mounts to the extension arm allowing for a controlled lifting and lowering of loads. The KEAA2000 and KEAA2500 arms travel inside Knight’s RAD4110, RAD6110, or RAD7510 Aluminum Series Rail Systems.

When specifying a

Overhead Mounted Vertical Mast Arm

Knight’s ATA4000 Overhead Mounted Vertical Mast Arm has fixed control handles that improve ergonomics by eliminating the need for an operator to bend or reach. It is typically used in applications that require significant up and down travel and precision placement. The arm can either rotate 360 degrees or can be fixed mounted for the operator.

Vertical Mast Arms are available with

Heavy Duty Articulating Pneumatic Arm

Knight’s AAA9000 Overhead and Floor Mounted Heavy Duty Articulating Pneumatic Arms are parallelogram arms used to lift, rotate, balance, and move product from conveyors, dunnage, assembly lines and more. They utilize twin cylinders in the rear of the arm to achieve greater lifting capacity while reducing the overall mass of the tool. This minimizes operator fatigue by absorbing torque reaction and