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A Move in the Right Direction
Knight Global designs tools in accordance with our manufacturing partners. Our engineers work in unison with our customers, creating system layouts which conform to the specifications of each individual facility. We also create tools and adjust existing technology to fit the needs of our manufacturing clients. We specialize in custom lift assist and lifting devices for all of your ergonomic situations.
  • End Effectors
  • Arms
  • Torque Tubes
  • Tractors
Knight Global End Effectors/ Assist Devices
End Effectors/ Assist Devices
Experience 1,000's of our Designed and Built End Effectors
Knight designs and builds an assortment of custom End Effectors to fit any application. We'll assist you on choosing the correct end effector that is best suited for your application. We will create a detailed analysis of your material handling needs; which is the most important step in being able to suit you with the correct assist device.
End Effector Configurations
Knight End Effector/ Assist Device Configurations
Knight Global - Arm Series (Pneumatic/ Extension/ Servo/ Vertical)
Arms (Pneumatic/ Extension/ Servo/ Vertical)
Reaching New Heights
Knights Pneumatic, Extension, Servo and Vertical arms use a parallelogram structure that articulates at the vertical planes. This design allows for the vertical positioning of a fixture or end effector while keeping its operator in an ergonomic position.

Knight Global offers a wide range of arm types, capacities and configurations to handle many types of end tooling.
Arm Configuration Series
Pneumatic Arms
Extension Arms
Servo Arms
Vertical Arms
Floor Mounted

Single Bridge
Dual Bridge
Floor Mounted

Overhead Mast
Knight Global - Torque Tube Series
Torque Tubes
Vertical Torque
Knight Global Torque Tubes are designed to absorb torque reaction produced by assembly tools and fastening devices while balancing the tool weight and reducing operator fatigue. Knight Torque Tubes utilize zero-gravity tool balancing technology. Custom designed applications are available upon request.
Torque Tube Configurations
Knight Global - Tractor Series (Air/ Electric/ Servo)
Tractors (Air/ Electric/ Servo)
Precision Load Locating
Knight Tractors accurately lift, tow and locate a load in the X, Y and Z directions with precision and efficiency. The load or fixture can be conveyed to the next position and returned to home automatically. Tractors have programmable speed settings with acceleration and deceleration points (Electric and Servo Only). Tractors are available in Pneumatic, Electric and Servo configurations.
Tractor Series
Lift Assist Series
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