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Jib Cranes Move Large Loads Effortlessly
Knight Jib Cranes offer a large tool coverage area with a simple single rail rotating on a floor mounted post. Knight Global's cranes are designed to move effortlessly while still carrying large capacity loads. Jib cranes are an ideal solution for integrating Knight Global Servo Hoists, Air Balancers, Torque Tubes and other hoists.
  • Features/ Benefits
  • Configurations
  • Accessories
Knight Global Jib Crane Features and Benefits
Features/ Benefits
Benefits/ Options
• Ergonomically designed for low   head clearance.
• Jib lengths: Up to 15 ft. [4.5m]   (contact Knight for lengths over: 15ft)
• Under Rail Clearance Heights:
  Up to 15 ft. [4.5m].
• Load Capacities:
  Up to 2,000lbs. [908 kg].
• Optional Hose Management   System.
• Available in a Bench Mounted, Low   Profile or Turnbuckle Styles.
Knight Global Jib Crane Configurations
Knight Global's Jib Crane Series provides an alternative solution when ceiling heights prohit an overhead workstation crane system. Knight Global offers (8) eight different Jib Crane configurations to accommodate most ceiling height and capacity requirement.
Jib Crane Series
• Bench Mounted
• Light Tool (Low Profile)
• Light Duty (Low Profile)
• Heavy Duty (Low Profile)
• Light Duty (Turnbuckle)
• Heavy Duty (Turnbuckle)
• Heavy Duty (Articulating)
Knight Global Jib Crane Accessories
360° Rotating Air Fitting Assembly
Knight Global's Rotating Air Fitting Assembly allows for a 360° continuous rotation to the overhead mounted air supply fitting. 
Hose Management
Knight's Hose Management supply air to the end tooling or end effectors. Kits include: all brackets, fittings, regulators, air lock-outs, and messenger cables needed to supply air. (Coiled and Straight Hose Not Included)
Jib Crane Series
Knight MAJBA4000 Heavy Duty Articulating Jib Crane
Heavy Duty Articulating
(up to 1,000 lbs [453 kg])
Knight MAJBA4000 Heavy Duty Articulating Jib Crane
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