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  • Knight Global Custom Lever Options
  • Knight Global Custom Lever Options
  • Knight Global Custom Lever Options
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Custom Lever Options
Knight levers can be customized with stamped callouts for identification and ease of use. Callouts are available in different languages and custom colors can be applied according to customer specification. Up (Green) and Down (Red) levers are standard colors unless specified differently by the customer.

Control handle levers can also be angled to compensate for spaces which may be created by different sized control blocks.

For more detailed information on all lever customizations, please contact a Knight representative.
Common Control Handle Pilot Signals
• Up and Down
• Retract and Extend
• Tilt
• Low
• Forward and Reverse
• Part and No Part
• Tilt Up and Down
• VAC On and Off
• Clamp and Un-Clamp
• Rotate
• Brake
• Common
• Push Off
• High
• Track Dog Off and On
• Track Dog
• Start
  • Features/Benefits
Knight Global Custom Lever Options
Product Information
• Stamped Callouts.
• Custom Color Choices.
• Angled Levers.
• Different Languages.
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