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  • Knight Global BCS2215 and BCS2323 Dual Air Balancer Control
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BCS2215 & BCS2323 Dual Air Balancer Control
The BCS2215 and BCS2323 Dual Air Balance Control unit will support (2) different weights at Zero Gravity. For Lift Assist Devices (LAD) the first weight category is the unloaded assist with no part engaged. The second weight category is the assist with the part secured that it is intended to lift/move.

The weight of the part cannot vary more than +/- 2.5 lbs from the setting point of the regulator or there will be drifting either in the UP or DOWN direction depending on if the weight is more or less of the original set point.

Knights Dual Air Balance Control units are available in a straight (BCS2323) or coiled (BCS2215) hose that comes in standard length of 10 ft. [3Meter].
  • Features/Benefits
  • Accessories
Knight Global BCS2215 & BCS2323 Dual Air Balancer Control
Features/ Benefits
• Controls (2) different weights at zero gravity.
• Pendant buttons control which balance the
  operator desires.
• Primarily used in hands free applications
  where the operator picks up a part and sets it
• Dual balance creates a zero gravity for the
  end effector with or without a part.
• Available with Coiled or Straight hosing.
Ergonomic Handle Grip.
Thumb Lever Guards to protect for
  inadvertent depressing of control levers.
• Standard Hose Lengths: Up to 10 ft. [3m].
BCS2323 - Straight Hose.
BCS2215 - Coiled Hose.
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